Ubitrak: Worry-free Compliance


You are looking for a solution toward the new annual requirement 6.5 of PCI DSS 3.2? We have the solution: Ubitrak provides a new up to date eLearning class on how to design secure applications while meeting the PCI standards.

This eLearning course in 4 modules which has been developed by Payment Application QSA and university teachers covers some of the newer techniques in application security for different types of O/S and needs.


We conducted several audits for national service providers and merchants. We do not sell any products, we therefore remain independent. We have also developed a proven stepwise methodology.

Specialized Audits

Ubitrak also offers audit services for several standards such as INTERAC, SOC (eg.SSAE -18), some CICA, and many others. For SOC audits, Ubitrak collaborates with CPA Auditing Firms, supporting these different certifications, for colocation centers and other specific customer requests.


We offer ASV services.

A superior security service for your PCI

  • Services by senior experts
  • We also offer support, documentation preparation, and in person strategic and architectures selection assistance services
  • Bilingual employees (English and French)
  • Commercial, high speed tools
  • PCI DSS training, or the design of secure applications
  • Our independence is assured since we do not sell any products
  • We can help almost all types of organizations: government ministries,
  • municipalities, retailers, users, or service providers
  • Our quality tests
  • Ask us how we can better protect you at a better price
  • We can also support other services, as needed