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Do you need assistance in complying with PCI DSS and other security standards? How about with properly positioning your business? Do you need training on the PCI standards or application security or consulting services? Our experienced and bilingual team, with our full range of automation and testing tools, is ready to help.

Ubitrak: Worry-free Compliance

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Our Main Sectors


Do you have to become compliant because of a  request from IATA or your acquirer? Are you a supplier of services in the travel, hotel, or restaurant industry? We can help you. We are a QSA specializing in travel and hotels. We serve many clients in the tourism industry.

  • Certification service
  • All the required training to get certified to PCI DSS, available in e-learning courses, as well we offer an orientation course design specifically for the travel industry to position the PCI DSS certification and strategies for an efficient and fast PCI DSS compliance.
  • Kit of examples of the required documentation based on your context
  • Tests

We are a certified QSA for payment service providers, tour organizers, and travel agencies. We are also offering a semi-automated certification page. Contact us to find out more! Important PCI Link for the travel agents

Call centers

We certify call centers toward PCI DSS compliance since 2011. We did certify call centers of all size and using different technologies across the country. We work with companies support banks, telecommunications, MOTO commerce. We know how to help you.

Payment service

We offer PCI DSS, ICCA3416, and INTERAC certification – “one-stop shopping” for all your certification needs. Some of our senior QSAs did work in banks for many years in regard of compliance. We have certified numerous payment service providers.

Payment terminals, service stations, parking management, and parking pay stations

We have certified many service providers or merchants using unattended payment terminals. We could also help you to certify your payment applications.

e-Commerce merchants and providers

Are you looking for an experienced QSA who can guide you and offer solid strategic consulting? Some of our clients make dozens of transactions per day, and others make millions of transactions. We understand the situation of e-commerce providers of all sizes. We are among the QSAs certifying the highest number of service providers in Canada with operations in a number of countries.

Financial Institutions

Are you looking for an experienced QSA who truly understands your environment and values and who can also perform your INTERAC? Some of our senior QSAs have experience in banks. We have certified a number of payment service providers.